Products to be launched in india


Our Collaboration

In our endeavour to expand our global footprint and we are happy and excited to join hands with RM Drugs, a well established company with 40 years of multi facet experience and a distribution and sales network spanning the entire Indian sub-continent.
In our first phase we will be rolling out Generic products with high demand in all segments. We will make sure all our production partners & facilities will pass through strict inspection, to deliver high quality Generic Medicines at affordable and competitive rates across the country.
Using the network and marketing team of our Indian partners we hope to penetrate and access those remote areas of the rural market where supplies are difficult and healthcare conditions are below standard.
After establishing this phase we plan to share our new research molecules for building a strong base in the research oriented markets and delivering to Indian consumer’s world class products at affordable rates.
Our long term goal in India being that of providing affordable medicines to all.